About HempFarm NZ Ltd

Hemp To Enable Industry With Sustainable Solutions.

HempFarm NZ Ltd began with a handful of seeds, and a very big dream.  A dream to build a vibrant hemp industry in New Zealand for the health of our environment.  Growing hemp to boost new green economy and revolutionize life for everyone in New Zealand and the world. Hemp is mankind’s best companion plant!

Our Vision

A pristine environment that supports health and well-being for all life.

Our Mission

To educate and further work on areas of research and development through universities, businesses and partners regarding the health benefits of hemp and the high value as a solution to many of the issues we face today.

Continue to expand HempFarm® growers group in all regions while further establishing infrastructure for processing and distribution. Enable industry by supplying bulk hemp seed, fibre and hurd for commercial product manufacturing.

Continue to grow our customer base built on trust and guarantees of quality and service. We offer a 100% money back guarantee
Be responsible and answerable to the environment as a B Corporation partner.


A clean and healthy world that supports Humans and all life.


2009Dave Jordan grew one acre of hemp for seed stock. Hemp New Zealand was registered as a company.
2010Dave entered R&D with a German company, Emmzyne Ltd to produce Cellulosic Ethanol and Methanol from hemp
2011Dave, Anne and Harley created the brand HempFarm. Began importing Canadian Hemp seed oil to grow market awareness & build customer base.
2012Purchased a D8 decortication system, from an Australian company. Started up a grower group.
2013Developed a hemp skincare line. Began R&D on worlds first double cut harvesting decorticator
2014Expanded in the HempFarm grower group, 53 hectares harvested.
Obama signs Hemp bill for hemp research

2015Building relationships with universities on hemp plastic and fibre application
2016Extended grower program through the Waikato.
2017Met Draper family, who became partners
2018NZ Hemp Food law changes to allow food for human consumption.
2019Government denies hemp food for animals. Opened Tauriko food processing facility
2020Fibre line installation. Further development of food facility

70 Contract Growers in the Grower Group across New Zealand

1,000+ Tons of Hemp Food Production Capacity

11,200+ Tons of Hemp Fibre Production Capacity

Fiber Production

Game-changing innovation in hemp fiber

World's Strongest Fiber

Our new decorticator is the first in the world to remove the fibre from fresh stalks, producing one of the strongest fibres in the world.

The decorticator can be mounted on a harvester, so both seed & fibre are removed in one pass.

Cellulose Production

The world needs more cellulose now than ever.

A modern material

Cellulose is used to make paper products, fabrics, plastics, biofuel and 3D printed objects.

The demand is higher than ever, and hemp is the most efficient way of filling the need due to it’s fast growing speed and low reliance on fertilizers and pesticides

Healthy Food

Safe and nutritious food for everyone

Safe food for all

Our modern diets have become depleted in essential nutrients such as omega fatty acids and healthy proteins.

Hemp contains these nutrients, including the unique edestin protein that is readily-available and very close in structure to human blood globulin.

Meet The Passionate Team Behind HempFarm

Disturbed by the amount of pollution showing up on the land and in the waterways, the founders felt compelled to find a solution. Research led them to discover that hemp is one of the most beneficial plants on earth for cleaning up the soils, air and waterways. Hemp has been an essential part of human culture for over 10,000 years, serving as a nutrient-dense food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and energy source for millions of people across the globe. HempFarm has been working since 2008 to return hemp to the people, and to allow hemp to be used in all its forms for modern living. Technology has come a long way since hemp’s prohibition, so now the only limit to hemp’s potential is the human imagination.

Hemp Team Members


Dave Jordan

Dave Jordan
CEO / Founder

Dave spent most of his adult life working and guiding on the rivers, glaciers, mountains and bush of New Zealand and overseas. He is absolutely passionate about this incredible environment that we are so lucky to live in. “It is vitally important that we protect this precious environment” says Dave “Hemp as our companion plant is the most environmentally beneficial way to preserve our land and health”.

Anne Jordan

Anne Jordan
Communications Editor
Director/ Co-Founder

Anne as Director and co-founder of HempFarm has a keen interest in health and nutrition. She spent most of her young adult life enjoying dance and theatre, which she still enjoys when she is not out and about talking passionately about her love of Hemp and all the many health benefits. “It is the Optimal balance of those essential omegas 3,6 and 9”, she says, “Your body can’t make it so you need to take it. I have found a huge increase in my energy levels since taking the oil”  We are overwhelmed by the daily testimonials from customers finding fantastic improvements in their health and relief from a range of painful health conditions such as arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, blood cholesterol levels and more.”

Harley Aspinall

Harley is co-founder of hempFarm.  He created websites, graphics, brand design, photos and videos, along with digital communication systems. His ability to improve and problem solve technical issues in the digital space have been a vital key to HempFarm’s growth.  His legacy is etched in the history and heart of HempFarm.

“I was proud to help HempFarm grow as a business and develop into a brand that New Zealanders can be proud of.  I would like to see HempFarm become a part of our cultural identity, something that kiwis can use as a vessel for positive change”.  Harley 2019