Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase seed for growing?2020-07-09T12:53:38+12:00

From a licensed grower who has rights to sell seed. Usually this would be under contract, whereby you cannot sell seed to another grower. Some will not let you grow crops from seed you have grown. You must purchase each year.

Hemp Farm NZ’s policy is that you can re-sow the same block of land with seed you have grown but you may not sell to other growers.

Is hemp easy to harvest?2020-07-09T16:41:49+12:00

No, hemp is not easy to harvest. In fact, many very special considerations should be taken into account before sowing your crop.

  1. Hemp seed is bird’s favourite food, they have more chicks and live longer when adding hemp seed to their diet, they will take a crop of seed in just a few days if you are not ready to harvest in time. Next year they come back earlier bring their friends and want more. We have trialled bird scarers of all types including boomers, screamers, hawk kites, people mixing with crop and more. None of these scare the birds as they are so intently driven to consume your crop. Bird netting should be considered.
  2. Harvesting hemp stalk is not for the faint hearted, the bast fibre of hemp is the strongest natural fibre known to man. There are no harvesters in New Zealand and few globally that handle hemp stalks at harvest without damage to equipment through fibre wrapping.
  3. Hemp Farm New Zealand Limited has the world’s most advanced hemp stalk processing equipment the Clarke D8 decorticator and we are designing harvester methods to remove stalk from the field straight for presentation to decortication machinery.
  4. There are practically no places in the North Island and few in the South Island that can dry and dress hemp seed. Hemp harvest is at the same time as many other crops including maize. Seed must be dried to 8-9% moisture before storage.
  5. Hemp seed is also the favourite seed of mice and mites, so storage is critical.
What varieties of hemp are there?2020-07-09T13:33:51+12:00

Seed varieties is selected growing hemp for seed. It is a shorter cultivar and a combine harvester can be modified and used at harvest time.

A dual drop is tall around 3.5 to 4 meters it has seed and fibre. Stalks of the dual crop offer better return on investment due to the amount of product per hectare produced. Hemp stalks must be processed in a way to separate the fibre from the inner wood, known as shiv or hurd.

Is hemp easy to grow?2020-07-09T13:34:35+12:00

Yes, hemp is very easy to grow in the right conditions. It likes free draining soils not clay or wet feet through pooling of water. It likes lots of nitrogen prosperous and other nutrients. It does not require pesticides or herbicides.

Can I grow hemp?2020-07-09T13:35:18+12:00

Yes, it is legal to grow hemp in New Zealand. Please refer to the Hemp regulations 2006 for details and licensing application:


Do you sell CBD oil?2017-02-20T16:26:19+13:00

Unfortunately, CBD oil is illegal in New Zealand, as it is usually made from cannabis buds. Although it can be made from hemp, that process is also illegal. We hope that lobbyists will succeed in making it legal for medical use in the near future.

Hemp seed oil has a lot of health benefits and can often assist in maintaining optimal health and healing with its anti-inflammatory properties. See our testimonials page for more information.

Are your capsules vegan?2017-02-23T13:49:51+13:00

We understand that some customers are concerned about consuming gelatin capsules, and as such it is something that we are always looking for a solution to. Our current gelatin capsules are organic and encapsulated in a certified organic facility. However, our bottled oil and protein products are vegan.

Is your skincare certified organic?2017-02-23T17:52:02+13:00

The Promise skin care range is guaranteed to be hand-made with only organic ingredients, most of which are certified. The overall products themselves have not been independently certified.  You can rest assured that we only source the highest quality ingredients for our skin care range.

Does your hemp oil cure cancer?2020-07-09T13:38:35+12:00

The well-known Rick Simpson “hemp oil” cancer treatment is made from unfertilized cannabis flower buds, and these are currently illegal in New Zealand. Our product is made from the oil of the hemp seeds. It can be a nutritious addition to a cancer sufferers’ diet, but it is not a cancer cure.

Does the skincare expire?2017-02-23T17:49:53+13:00

Our hemp seed oil skincare is hand blended from mostly certified organic high quality natural essential oils, free from any preservatives.  We have an expiry day of up to one year unopened.  Once open it is recommended to use the product within six months ideally. However even though the fragrance may change slightly the products remain safe for use for much longer. The shelf life can be extended by storing your products in the fridge.

Is there THC in hemp seed oil, like that found in cannabis (marijuana)?2017-02-23T17:12:14+13:00

There is no THC in hemp seed oil.