Make A New Year Resolution For Life!

Anne and Sophie’s Thought’s on 2015 resolutions!…..Anne and Sophie

Resolutions are all well and good but most don’t make it until the end of January right?  We usually start it with “I’m giving up”…or “I’m not going to” ….. you know the sort of thing  right? Denying ourselves our favorite things is usually doomed for failure, why?  because we are Human and we have five senses which are usually switched on and like to be satisfied…..

I’m not saying we should just “give in” and allow ourselves EVERYTHING we crave and want!! However perhaps a little moderation is the key.  Allow yourself a small piece of good dark (ideally raw) chocolate, or a few oven roasted chips etc you know what I’m saying…yes start the gym or that new craze exercise class and do it in moderation… doesn’t have to be five days a week hard core:)   It is achievable if we set ourselves realistic goals and give ourselves a break when we “fall down”…Good thing about falling down is that we can get up.

Where am I going with this resolution for life you may ask??? Well that is it….be kind to yourself, even dare I say “love”yourself…. allow yourself not to be perfect and most of all LIVE YOUR LIFE… Oh and of course add a really good drizzle of the BEST Hemp Seed OIL into your lifestyle… it will satisfy your bodies cravings for omegas especially GLA which reduces inflammation… It is an easy addition to your daily diet,  tastes great, goes with everything and great for all of you who will be aching after your gym resolutions!!

HAPPY, HEALTHY 2015 EVERYONE….and good luck with your resolutions!
Much Love  Anne, Sophie and of course Dave x

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