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We understand the complex balance between delivering products in packaging that maintains optimal freshness, while being easily reusable or recyclable.

We have selected the best options available to us, while maintaining the high quality you deserve. While we continue to work daily towards the goal of 100% hemp, we still want to minimise the impact of our current practices.

Below you will see that almost everything you receive from us is 100% recyclable. We also hope that you will reuse some of our packaging. For example, you could use the plastic tubs for storing things like jewellery, nuts, toys or screws.

We sell our Pure Hemp Seed Oil and Promise Skincare in dark glass bottles. They protect the oils from light damage, which keeps everything fresher for longer. You can also remove the glass stem from your Promise serum dropper top, and place that out with the other glass.

These items can be placed into your roadside collection bins, or dropped at a local glass recycling collection.

The containers for our hemp seed oil capsules, and protein powder and flake, are recyclable HDPE plastic (recycling number 2). This is a food-safe, BPA-free plastic, perfect for keeping your products fresh and safe.

These can be placed into your roadside collection bins, or dropped at your local recycling centre.

The boxes for our Promise skincare are made from recyclable cardboard. The boxes protect your product from light exposure, keeping all the preservative-free ingredients in top condition.

These can be placed out with your roadside cardboard collection, or dropped at your local recycling centre.

If you like to order a box of 6 bottles, you will receive a brown cardboard carton with a divider.

Some other packages also have small amounts of cardboard added as a buffer to prevent the product from slipping out of the air column wrap.

This can be placed out with your roadside cardboard collection, or dropped at your local recycling centre.

These air columns are currently one of the most eco-friendly options available. This is because they’re very lightweight, which reduces the fuel needed for shipping. They also arrive at our depo uninflated (unlike regular bubblewrap), reducing the shipping volume. The columns are also mostly air, so the amount of plastic needed to make them is very small.

Air columns also prevent breakage better than any other product, which has significantly reduced our wastage. Try stepping or jumping on one to see how strong they are!

They can be recycled with the CourierPost bags in your local supermarket Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme bins.

Courier bags are a common fixture of modern life. No need to throw them into the landfill anymore!

These new courier bags will decompose in your home compost pile!

Packing orders also generates excess waste, such as the little peel-off strips on each CourierPost Trackpak. We collect up all these little bits of extra plastic, then drop them in the local Soft Plastics Recycling bin.

We also collect all extra glass, plastic, paper and cardboard, and recycle that in the roadside collection.

We also enjoy picking up wind-blown and carelessly-thrown garbage when we take a walk, because we love to keep NZ clean and green!

Did you know that the bag that your hemp hearts and protein arrives in can be dropped off at your local soft plastics collection point and it will be made in to useful items, such as fence posts. 

You can read more about what Future Post are doing right here

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