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5 Litre Pure Hemp Seed Oil – Organic (Technical Grade)


Not for Human Consumption.

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Technical Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Technical Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil is the perfect oil to use for your soap recipes, treating chopping boards, preserving wood furniture and it is also a very effective leather conditioner.

In soaps it is moisturizing and soothing. Just blend it with your other essential oils and ingredients to make the perfect cleansing bar. Hemp seed oil is full of essential omega fatty acids and vitamin E, which are a source of excellent skin nutrients.

For wood preservation, hemp seed oil has been likened to Tung oil in the way that it protects, nourishes and gives a beautiful finish to wood. Hemp seed oil is a penetrating oil that will nourish and protect wood surfaces. Apply with a clean cloth. Let the oil penetrate for 15 minutes or so, wipe off any excess and then buff the surface with a clean cloth. Apply one to three coats, allowing two hours between coats

Hemp seed oil is perfect for shoes, belts, horse tackle and boots. It helps to break down the daily deposits and restores the leather nicely. You can add it to beeswax for an even more nourishing wood treatment.

This is Non-Food Grade oil:

Certified organic Cold pressed hemp seed oil from Canada.
Ideal for natural wood treatment, leather conditioning or soap making. External Use Only.

5 Litres

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 190 × 140 × 300 cm


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