A Vision For Change - Part 2, Our Hemp Farm Story
Farmer with soil in hands

A Vision For Change – Part 2, Our Hemp Farm Story

2017 – 2020​

Dave & Anne Jordan are change-makers and the inspiring, farsighted founders of The Hemp Farm. Their mission? To create a pristine environment for the good of all. This is part two of their story.

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By 2017 The Hemp Farm had officially been in business for six years. After a trip overseas to visit other industry leaders, Dave and Anne felt even more confident they were heading in the right direction. “Our business model offers resilience to a growing environmental movement,” says Dave. “Utilising the entire plant for seed and fibre is globally unique.”

The Change-makers

Disruptive change was an integral part of the journey and necessary to get the business to where it needed to go. “Those early years were about education, building awareness by getting out there selling products, and talking about the incredible benefits of hemp foods and fibre,” says Dave. “R&D, building relationships in New Zealand and overseas, and further developing our business plan was high priority.”
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