Bundle Pack - Promise Hemp Skincare Set (6 Items)

Promise Hemp Skincare Set (6 Items)

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Promise Hemp Skincare Essentials For Beautiful Radiant Skin.

Skincare Kit includes:

  • Promise Hemp Healing Balm with Organic Manuka Honey (60g)
  • Promise Hemp Cleaning Oil (100ml)
  • Promise Hemp Serum with Rosehip (30ml)
  • Promise Hemp Healing Balm with Manuka Honey (12g)
  • 2 * Organic Hemp Fibre & Cotton Facecloths (1 * Cream & 1 * Brown – ‘colours may vary’)

Promise Hemp Cleansing Facial Oil.

Promise Hemp cleansing oil leaves your skin clean and fresh.

Get ready to have the cleanest, dewiest skin ever with Promise Hemp cleansing oil.  It may sound strange but cleansing with oil actually helps regulate and calm the skin, including oily and acne prone skin.

It is a known fact that water won’t break down oil.  In fact, the very best way to clean away grimy oil is to massage it away with a pure clean one, it makes perfect sense! This gentle and effective blend is made with pure essential oils, including New Zealand grown hemp.  It is the perfect choice to clean and nourish your skin without clogging the pores and drying it out.

Hemp seed oil is packed full of omega fatty acids, known to be anti-inflammatory and plumping for the skin.  Delicious Citrus oils of Orange and lemon work with Jojoba to gently cleanse and de-congest the skin.  Rare and beautiful Frankincense oil helps to reduce blemishes and fine lines while balancing skin tone.   Apricot Kernel and Carrot Oil feed your skin with powerful and natural antioxidants.

Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its efficacy and results.

Remove the grime of the day including a full face of makeup, even the most stubborn waterproof eye makeup will be gently lifted and wiped away.

How to Oil Cleanse:

Gently massage the face and neck and remove with a warm moist hemp face cloth.


NZ grown Hemp seed oil, *Jojoba wax, *Apricot Kernel Oil, *Carrot Seed Oil, *Lavender Oil, *Orange Oil, *Lemon Oil, *Frankincense Oil. (*Certified ORGANIC)

Promise Hemp – Serum with Rosehip for healthy radiant skin!

A luxurious daily moisturizer for all skin types.

Promise Hemp Serum with Rosehip is a pro-age, nourishing, moisturizing, hydrating and highly effective essential oil facial blend.  Made with New Zealand grown hemp seed oil and certified organic essential oils that nourish and protect the skin from harmful effects of the environment.

From the moment you open the bottle and apply a few drops, you will fall love with this beautiful essential oil blend.  An intoxicating aroma is just the beginning, apply a few drops to your skin and the magic of this luxurious blend will take effect, softening and nourishing the skin immediately.  Easily absorbed, it leaves your skin soft and smooth, you can apply it under your favorite day cream, makeup and also as a night-time highly effective treatment.

“Our Promise is to the environment and you!”

How to use:

Apply a few drops to freshly cleansed face, neck and décolleté morning and night.


NZ grown Hemp Seed Oil (spray free), *Jojoba Wax, *Rosehip Oil, *Rose Otto Oil, *Frankincense Oil, *Carrot Seed Oil. (*Certified ORGANIC)

Promise Hemp Healing Balm is a little jar of essentials, “world famous in New New Zealand” for easing a wide range of dry and irritated skin conditions.

Promise Hemp Healing Balm blends world reknown New Zealand Manuka honey with pure essential oils carefully chosen for their special properties, including New Zealand grown hemp seed oil, rich in skin loving omega fatty acids, native New Zealand Manuka and Kanuka oils, and lavender, carrot, apricot and calendula. This balm is nourishing and versatile enough to tackle anything – a first aid must-have!

Smooth this comforting little balm into skin daily to replenish and soothe. Excellent as a non toxic lip balm, you can also use to massage stiff muscles and joints.

How to use:

Apply directly to the affected area and work balm gently into the skin. For massage, apply a small amount between palms to soften and massage into the skin.

We recommend to patch test before use.

When subscribing, we suggest replenishing your order every two months.


NZ Grown Hemp Seed Oil, *Apricot Kernel Oil, *Carrot Oil, *Calendula Oil, *Lavender Oil, *Manuka Oil, Kanuka Oil, NZ Beeswax*, *Manuka Honey. (*Certified ORGANIC)

Made from local and imported ingredients

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21 reviews for Promise Hemp Skincare Set (6 Items)

  1. catwomanruth (verified owner)

    Lordy, lordy – do yourself a favour & buy these products. My skin has never been so soft! & they are fading my scars.
    Long gone are the lengthy rituals of cleansing, toning & using separate creams for eyes, neck & face.
    Simple, effective & awesome

  2. Lorraine Chave (verified owner)

    LOVE your range of skin products! and this ‘pack’ of items including the 2 Hemp face flannels was just what my skin needed…! A HUGE thank you to y’all…..

  3. sharon.jones388 (verified owner)

    Fantastic products and great service! I could feel the difference as soon as I started using the cleanser and serum, they are very soothing and leave my skin feeling soft and fresh. The face cloths are wonderfully soft as well as fast drying. I suffer from a few small spots of eczema on my hands and feet which can sometimes become very itchy, as soon as I apply the healing balm the itching stops almost immediately, after applying for a few days any visible redness is usually also gone. I find the healing balm is also great for small cuts, grazes, or any patches of dry skin. As always the packaging was as eco friendly as possible, complete with tips on how to reuse/recycle it all.

  4. julian-watson (verified owner)

    Love using the cleanser and moisturizer on my skin…..feeling the difference alrèady. The lip balm is great too

  5. Christine Muir-Butler (verified owner)

    Leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised.
    Helps with the dry scaly patches too.

  6. Bryn (verified owner)

    Great service, enviro friendly packaging and earn hemp dollars with purchase. Have been using the balm and serum for some time and never had anything work as well as these. The balm has been used on bites, scratches and grazes, all healing super fast. Decided to get the 3 pack to try the cleanser, am sure it will be as great as the rest. Top products, highly recommend.

  7. Antoinette (verified owner)

    AWESOME range of products. My husband suffers bad eczema and has been using for a few weeks and it has cleared up and looks great. As for the cleanser and facial oil, Gorgeous on my skin, really love them. I’m really amazed at the results. Thank you

  8. chave1.home (verified owner)

    LOVE this range…am now on my second round so several months down the track using the Hemp Skincare range – my skin has never looked and felt so good! The skin allergies and irritations have gone – gone – gone! I wish this Hemp range had been around years ago…..really regret wasting hundreds and hundreds of dollars on OTHER product ranges [and exceedingly expensive ones at that] for my skin…! Keep up the good work…. 🙂

  9. Barbara (verified owner)

    Bought this set for my daughter and she loves it! Beautiful aroma as well!

  10. Inshera (verified owner)

    I love them. My skin has been looking better and it feels so much softer and smoother. I have a less itchy scalp now as well! Thank you!

  11. Marise

    Love this product my skin feels amazing. Will definitely keep using it.

  12. chave1.home (verified owner)

    I have had hideous allergy problems with my facial skin the past 2 years – and armed with a background both in the cosmetic industry, nursing and pharmaceutical industry I started ‘hunting’ down skincare which would NOT react badly leaving me looking like a Martian! I came across the ‘Promise’ trio from you…and took the plunge some 5 weeks ago: And am I getting loads of comment about my skin, nails, and hair! one of the “plus’s” is the effect of your capsules on a major knee problem too 🙂 Still some residual pain but…its able to be controlled now. Makes me one happy camper !!! And what a difference it’s making overall to my body and self esteem ! I LOVE your range! and have passed on my findings to countless friends and as of yesterday? to my hairdressing team..! You guys rock!

  13. sharon.jones388 (verified owner)

    Great produce and great service. I have been applying the healing balm to my eczema daily and it has cleared up completely. The cleanser and serum and both feel brilliant on my skin leaving it soft and hydrated. I will certainly be purchasing these products again 🙂

  14. Pamela Reid (verified owner)

    Using all three..it’s all rather new to me.. the balm I have scooped out into small amounts into a little round old lip balm container to take with me when out and about, used it on my flight for moisturiser etc..long bike ride hot here in UK..so was soothing in groin, was a hard seat.. cleanser seems great but you do hav to hav a cloth th rub if off.. the oil also seems nice, not too oily..only one complaint my bottle lid is faulty ..once opened I cannot screw closed..it’s like it has a spring and wont close..perhaps a faulty bottle batch ?, frustrating as I am traveling so hav to leave it behind and it’s not cheap.. definitely recommend th products

    • Hemp Farm (store manager)

      Thank you for your great review. Each order should also include a travel cap, but it sounds like yours was missing. We will send you a replacement out today. Kind regards, Harley Aspinall

  15. Anne-Marie

    Love this stuff. Had a slight problem when arrived and Hempfarm exchanged them the next day free of charge. Great service!! Highly recommended. Smells amazing

  16. Jana Pretorius (verified owner)

    This has been the best thing for my skin! I use the balm on my eczema and it has entirely cleared up (something no other topical treatment has done!), and the face oils make my skin super soft and clear – it’s ven beginning to even out my skin tone and texture. Best product!

  17. malwash (verified owner)

    The main reason I purchased the trio was to prepare for a 3-month International Trip, I already love the Healing Balm so wanted to try a wider range of products. The Hemp Cleanser is perfect for long days in the sun and people who want to care for their skin after a busy schedule. The Hemp Serum also is great as a portable skin moisturizer with a scent very helpful for setting the mood to sleep. Excellent packaging and delivery as always.

  18. stuart morrissey (verified owner)

    awesome product makes my skin feel like a babies butt, cant wait for CBD products to be available here in NZ

  19. salkelds (verified owner)

    Thank you for your products.My skin is feeling very soft and smooth.

  20. maxpivac (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this trio of skincare products on my face at night for a few weeks now. It always feels like a real pampering and makes my skin feel incredibly soft. The cleanser is lovely, although I have to take care not to pump out too much as it has a very liberal pump, the serum just takes the pampering to the next level, and then I massage the balm in for a skin nurturing night cream. I’ve had no breakouts at all and my skin feels softer than I can remember it feeling in a very long time. I won’t be changing from this night routine any time soon (if ever!).

  21. maureen kumeroa (verified owner)

    Love this skincare range. 6 weeks and my skin feels absolutely amazing. Easy to use. This is my skincare range I will be investing in from now on.

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