A Seed is Planted! – Part 1, Our Hemp Farm Story

A Seed is Planted! – Part 1, Our Hemp Farm Story

The Early Years 2008 – 2017

Dave & Anne Jordan are change-makers and the inspiring, farsighted founders of The Hemp Farm NZ Ltd. Their mission? To create a pristine environment for the health and wellbeing of all life. This is part one of their story.

At first glance, you might think Dave and Anne Jordan are the quintessential Kiwi success story. Their flourishing parent company Hemp NZ was registered in 2009 by Dave, and Hemp Farm New Zealand Ltd was founded by the couple along with Anne’s son Harley in 2011. The company operates their own grower program and processes seed products at their facility in Tauranga which are marketed through their Hemp Farm brand. Their hemp fibre is processed into hemp and hemp/wool products at their Christchurch facility, in partnership with NZ Yarn Ltd. The combination enables them to supply a broad spectrum of industrial hemp to the nation. Indeed, Hemp Farm has come along way since its creation and Dave and Anne’s journey has been one of sacrifice and tenacity built on a foundation of altruism and environmentalism.

A Vision For The Future

“The plan has always been to clean up the environment,” says UK-born Anne. “That was definitely the reasoning behind growing industrial hemp in the first place, we wanted to turn around the degradation of the land,” agrees Dave. “Sprays and products made from petrochemicals are destroying our oceans, rivers and the land so the idea was to create a plant-based economy led by industrial hemp.”

Dave says they’re not environmentalists as such. “However, it’s not hard to see that the disturbing state of the environment needed a call to action – we need change,” he says. 

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