Hemp Seed Hearts (1kg)

Hemp Seed Hearts (1kg)

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Hemp Hearts are one of the most nutritious superfoods in the world. Hemp boasts the highest known levels of edestin, (a highly digestible protein), among plants, making it a superior source of plant protein. Hemp seed has double the amount of protein found in chia seeds and 50% more than almonds.
Recommended Dosage: 30g serve

Versatile, can be added to pretty much everything and anything, sweet or savoury. Top off your salads, hummus, pasta, ice cream, and porridge. For an extra buttery avocado on toast, add hemp seeds. Making a smoothie? Add a few tablespoons of hemp seeds into the blender. Add hemp seeds into your baking, think bread, brownies, and cookies. You can make hemp milk. All you need is water and hemp hearts. Straight from the pack as a snack.
100% Premium Shelled New Zealand Hemp Seeds.
Once opened, re-seal entirely after each serve. Hemp seeds are best kept refrigerated to extend shelf life where they will last for up to 12 months. If you have no fridge space, store hemp seeds in your pantry at room temperature and consume them within 90 days of opening.


  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Healthy cholesterol
  • Joint mobility
  • Brain health
  • Immunity
  • Balanced mood
  • Healthy organ function
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Healthy cardiovascular
  • Healthy hormone levels
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Hemp Hearts are nature's powerhouse seeds, loaded with plant protein, good fats, and essential nutrients. They're rich in edestin, a super digestible protein unique to plants, making them a great choice for plant-based protein. Plus, they provide a wealth of vitamins and minerals like Iron, Niacin, Thiamine, and essential minerals like Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, and Zinc. You'll also get a boost of Vitamin B6 and Folate from these tiny, nutritious seeds.

Information Panel

Per Serving 30g
Energy744 kJ
186 Cal
Fat, Total13g
– Saturated1.4g
– Trans<0.02g
– Polyunsaturated11.2g
– Monounsaturated1.6g
– Sugars<1g
Dietary Fibre2.4g