5 Easy and Delicious Ways to use Hemp Protein

5 Easy and Delicious Ways to use Hemp Protein

Five Things to Do with Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp is one of nature’s best sources of plant-based protein. Made from raw hemp seed cake, (a product of cold-pressing hemp seed oil), hemp protein powder is full of essential fats and vitamins. In fact, hemp protein contains all 20 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids, plus an array of minerals including magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc, and dietary fibre.

Pure Hemp protein is not just for smoothies. It’s extremely versatile in the kitchen as well. Check out all the ways this delicious and healthful protein powder can be used in your plant-based kitchen and try out some of the recipe ideas below to see which ones you enjoy the most.

1. Brownies

Using protein powder instead of flour in a brownie recipe is a quick, healthy, and tasty win all round. Hemp is a dense protein with a rich and nutty flavour that works well in a chocolate brownie recipe and will bulk it up with added fibre. 

You can also make raw brownies with hemp protein powder instead of cooked brownies, using only three or four ingredients. Blend hemp protein with some dried fruit (for sweetness), such as soaked dates, apricots, or figs, and nut butter of your choice, cocoa or cacao powder, and a little vanilla extract. These are really versatile, and you can add nuts, coconut, chocolate chips etc., pretty much anything you fancy. Shape into brownies, freeze for 10 minutes and remove to serve for a delicious, raw dessert!

We have a couple of great brownie recipes for you to try. One is a Raw Hemp Chocolate Brownie, sweetened with dates and with a lemon twist. The other one is a Flourless Chocolate Fudge Protein sweetened with bananas.

2. Grain-free Breakfast Bowl

This one’s for the serious hemp devotee. It’s a a grain-free cereal recipe.  All you need to do is stir one scoop of hemp protein powder (about 3 tablespoons) with a little coconut flour (which is high in protein and fibre, and adds a thickening power), some sweetener or fruit of your choosing, non-dairy milk, and any spices you like such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, etc. You can also add chia and flaxseed for more omega 3 goodness if you like. Stir to make a thick, pudding-like cereal and enjoy the filling benefits of this amazing breakfast!

3. Muffins

Who doesn’t love a muffin with their coffee for a fast and on the go breakfast! Those sugary muffins you buy at the café may taste amazing, but they are going to send your blood sugar crashing later, and possibly leave you hungrier. Opt for a protein-rich option instead. Bake your own muffins using hemp protein powder and some coconut, oats, or almond flour to replace the refined white or wheat flour called for in a recipe. The healthy fats from hemp, coconut, and almond will help keep you fuller much longer. Just be sure to add a teaspoon of baking soda too so they’ll rise.

We’ve got a great savoury muffin recipe on our website for you to try. Packed full of protein, just one of these little beauties will make a great breakfast replacement!

4. Raw Energy Bites

Dehulled hemp seeds, (hemp hearts), are a common ingredient in raw energy bites. Hemp protein is another great choice, but with one extra benefit, it’s a better binder than hemp seed due to the flour-like consistency of hemp protein powder. You can easily mix it with milk or water, some sweetener of your choice, a little almond or cashew butter, some raw coconut shreds, perhaps some cacao, and whatever spices you enjoy. Mix well and roll into small bite-sized balls. Et voila! Easy peasy protein-filled energy bites!

Use our Protein Power Balls as a base recipe that can be switched up with any other raw ingredients you have to hand.

5. Protein Porridge

Add a couple of scoops of hemp protein powder to your usual porridge recipe, sweeten as desired and top with your favourite fruit, nuts, and seeds.  Spice it up with a little cinnamon or ginger, or try some of these awesome topping combos: 

  • Bananas, raisins, and nutmeg 
  • Cherry and chia seeds 
  • Walnuts, pear slices, and ginger 
  • Flaked almonds and chopped dates 
  • Stewed plums 
  • Peaches and raspberries 
  • Stewed apple and cinnamon 

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